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English Language Assessment Test (13+)

I Starter-Elementary

1. Where ________ they from?
A Is
B Are
C do
2. You know him, _________________?
A Aren`t you
B Don`t you
C Do you
3. Choose the correct answer:
A What does your car colour?
B What colour is your car?
C What colour your car is?
4. The car ____________ I hired broke down half-way.
A That
B Who
C What
5. What are you ____________ for?

For my mom`s umbrella. I`ve lost it somewhere.
6. Whose are these things?
A They are my.
B They`re mine.
C This things are mine.
7. ______________ in New York?
A Does Keith lives
B Is Keith live
C Does Keith live

8. What _________________ when I called you yesterday?
A Did you do
B Were you doing
C Was you doing
9. I _____________ a glass of orange juice.
A love
B would like
C had like

10. We _________________ in this store.
A Usually buy products
B Buy products usually
C Aren`t usually buy products

11. He spends ______________________ on his flat.
A Many money
B A lot of money
C A little of money
12. The ladder _____________________.
A Will fall right now
B Falled
C Is going to fall
13. Nobody ___________________ where Tom is.
A Doesn`t know
B Know
C Knows
14. He was as busy as ______________.
A A wasp
B A bee
C An ant
15. I haven`t got _______ pens with me.
A Some
B Any
C -----

II Elementary - Pre-Intermediate

16. Поставьте глагол в правильную временную форму.

I __________________ (not see) him since I left school.

17. I suggested ______________ for her for 2 more minutes.
A To wait
B Waiting
C To waiting

18. If I _____________ you, I _______________help him.
A Were – would
B Was – would have
C Was - had

19. Who __________________ our house last night?
A Did break into
B Breaked into
C Broke into

20. You __________________ be rich to be a success.
A Mustn`t
B Don`t have to
C Shouldn`t
21. What do you call people who work in the government?

They (call) _______________________ politicians.
22. You ______________________ take something warm with you. The weather is very changeable here.
A Would rather
B Would better
C Had better
23. I don`t know this bearded guy.
A So do I.
B So I don`t.
C Neither do I.
24. My sister has got a son. He is my _____________________.
25. My grandad ________________ when he was young.
A Used to wearing a long beard
B Didn`t used to wear a long beard
C Used to wear a long beard
26. The criminal was accused ________ killing 2 people.
A In
B Of
C For
27. Whose action irritates (раздражает) you?
A Jane is talking in class.
B Bob always talks in class.
C Mary is always talking in class.
28. Who is still alive (живой)?
A Jane never left her hometown.
B Jane has never left her hometown.
29. I don`t want to fly to Egypt.

Why? __________________?
A Do you afraid of flying
B Do you afraid to fly
C Are you afraid of flying
30. A teacher to her students:
A “The cheetah is the fastest animal”.
B “A cheetah is the fastest animal”.
C “A cheetah is the most fast animal”.

III Pre-Intermediate - Intermediate

31. __________the bad weather conditions there were no traffic accidents.
A Despite of
B In spite
C Despite
D Although
32. If the fog gets thicker the flight __________________cancelled.
A Can be
B Might be
C Should be
D Have to be
33. The player doesn`t _____________________batteries. You should buy them separately.
A Go with
B Come with
C Fit with
D Suit with

34. I _______________ the day before yesterday.
A Have cut my hair
B Got my hair made
C Had my hair cut
D Have had my hair done
35. Hurry up! The train ____________ at 5 p.m.
A Leaves
B Is leaving
C Will leave
D Is going to leave
36. I remember _________________to Nepal two years ago. It was fantastic!
A Going
B To go
C How I went
D Me to go
37. My husband is an honest man, he ___________________ the old lady.
A Shouldn`t have robbed
B Mustn`t have robbed
C Couldn`t have robbed
D Didn`t have to rob

38. I like ___________________ poetry of the 19 th century.
A French
B The French
C A French
D _______

39. Little Red Riding Hood lived in a ____________________________ house.
A A pretty wooden little
B A pretty little wooden
C A little wooden pretty
D A wooden little pretty
40. He always knows what he wants. He is a ________________ man.
A Self-confident
B Sure-confident
C Self-centered
D Sufficient

41. _______________ she has never been abroad before.
A No matter
B Unless
C As a matter of fact
D Although
42. Our burglar alarm __________________ several times last night, so I couldn`t sleep at all.

A Went out
B Alerted
C Startled
D Went off
43. I`mlookinggreat, ________________?
A Don`t I
B Aren`t I
C Amn`t I
D Am I

44. __________________of a book there is often a table of contents.
A At the beginning
B In the beginning
C At the end
D In the end
45. We walked __________________the river looking for a way to get ______________it, but there was no bridge.
A Across - over
B Along - across
C Around - across
D Across - through

IV Intermediate – Upper-Intermediatе

46. The government is ______________________ of other political parties.
A Intolerable
B Intolerant
C Untolerant
D Intolerate

47. _________________ workers should be rewarded for their hard work.
A Conscientious
B Consiantious
C Conscious
D Considarable
48. If I had gone rafting with my friends, I ___________________________ down the Colorado river right now.
A Will be floating
B Would have been floating
C Would be floating
D Am floating
49. Alisha`s necklace is fantastic! It _________________ a fortune.
A must have cost
B can cost
C couldn`t have cost
D should have cost
50. Ben and Phillip came ___________ with a great marketing plan for their new product line.

A Over
B Across
C Up
D Along
51. You`re driving so fast that I feel dizzy. Will you _____________________, please?
A Speed up
B Pull over
C Get out
D Accelerate
52. Read the conversation between two Americans and choose the answer:

How many tickets do you need, sir?

Two, please. I need to get to Oklahoma and back, so I`ll take a ______________.
A A round trip ticket
B A return ticket
C A single ticket
D A one-way ticket
53. Read the conversation between two Brits and choose the answer:

The play is in two acts and I am afraid we`ll get bored. 

Don`t worry! There`s a short ______________________ between the acts.
A Break
B Interval
C Intermission
D Interruption
54. By this time next year, you _________________________ in some new well-paid job.
A Will be working
B Will have be working
C Will have been working
D Would work
55. I was told he ___________________ a few months ago.
A Had moved
B Was moving
C Moved
D Has moved
56. A shop assistant to a customer: “Here`s your ____________, sir!”
A Check
B Receipt
C Recipe
D Bill
57. I pushed the door but it ___________________.
A Couldn`t open
B Didn`t want to open
C Wouldn`t open
D Didn`t open
58. Not only __________________your flat, they smashed everything too.
A Did they rob
B They robbed
C They have robbed
D Have they robbed
59. He wondered what they _______________ the baby.
A Could have called
B Would call
C Will call
D Are going to call
60. Mr. Finkelstein demanded that she ___________________immediately. She was in danger.
A Escaped                                            
B Have escaped
C Would escape
D Escape