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Young Learners Placement Test (from 7-12)


1. When ________ your birthday?

A are    
B does
C is

2. Who is _______the picture?

A in
B at
C on

3. How many chairs _______________ in the room?

A are there                   
B is there                  
C there are

4. _____________________ a cup of tea?

- Yes, I would.

A do you like
B would you like
C would you want

5. Where do people have breakfast?

A in the living room
B in the bedroom
C in the dining room

6. Напиши существительные во множественном числе:

а mouse –
a man –
a lemon –
a sheep –

7. _________ boat is it?

A which
B whose
C who

8. Which animals give milk?

A goats
B lions
C bears
D cows

9. How many fingers do you have on your hand?

- I have _______________ fingers.


10. I like ________________ music.


A listening to
B hearing to
C hearing

11. Who lives in the water?

A a hippo
B a butterfly
C a snake

12.  Where is Jill? I can`t see her.

She is _____________ you.

A in front of
B on
C behind

13. __________ toys are old.

A these
B this
C that

14. Can you ___________ a bicycle?

A drive
B play
C ride

15. Whose pencil is this?

This is ___________.

A my
B me
C mine

Elementary (A1)

16. Mary`s hair isn`t short, it`s ___________________.

17. At school we ____________ throw things in the classroom.

A must
C can`t
D mustn`t

18. What did you buy yesterday?

I ___________________ a new pair of shoes.

A baught
B bought
C did buy

19. Напиши следующие существительные во множественном числе:

a leaf –
a toothbrush -
a tooth -
an apple –

20.  What day is it today?

It`s Wednesday.

What day was it yesterday?

It was ____________________ yesterday.
21. Travelling to Thai was ______________________ trip in my life.

A better
B the best
C best
22. Which word is different? (выбери лишнее слово в каждой строке 1-4)
rubber beach desk pencil
wall rice cheese cake
head talk leg mouth
armchair kitchen table sofa
23. _______________ I help you carry the bags, Mum?
A will
B should
C shall
24. Did you go to the zoo yesterday?

Yes. I___________.
25. Choose the correct answer A-D (выберите правильный вариант). 
A They never don`t eat sweets.
B They never eat sweets.
C They never eats sweets.
D Never they eat sweets.
26. My brother is _____________ than me. I am very short.
A fatter
B faster
C taller
D younger
27. Look, there`s a cat on the tree!

What colour is it?

__________ cat is black with a white tail.

A a
B the
C ---------- (нет артикля)
28. Do you want to _____________ to the cinema on Sunday?
29. _________ is Jim crying?

A why
B what
C when

30. My cousin caught a big fish two hours ago. He _________________ fishing.
A is bad at
B is bad in
C is good at
D is good in

Pre-Intermediate (A2)

31. What`s your favourite subject at school?

My favourite subject is____________________.
32. What is the sweater made of? It`s made of _______________.

A wood
B wool
C paper
33. Can you play _____ guitar?

A the
B a
C ---------- (нет артикля)

34. What three winter months of the year do you know?
D_ _ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ N _ _ _ _
_ _ _ R _ _ _ _
35. I don`t know ___________ about him.
A everything
B nothing
C anything
36. Put the verbs in the past form (поставьте глаголы в прошедшее время):
to meet - 
to play –
to see –
to study –
to happen –
37. _____________ you ever ___________ to Spain?

No, I haven`t.
38. I haven`t seen a new movie about zombies _____________.
A already
B just
C yet

39. I ___________________ when I saw her.
A was crossing the street
B crossed the street
C were crossing the street
40. Choose the correct answer (выберите правильный вариант):
A How long does it take you to get to the university?
B How much does it take you to get to the university?
C How long do it take you to get to the university?
41. My sister is ___________ than me. She has only excellent marks at school.
A more beautiful
B cleverer
C taller
D faster
42. She isn`t studying right now, ________________?
A isn`t she
B is she
C does she
D doesn`t she
43. The sky is so cloudy. It ________________ rain.
A can
B should
C mustn`t
D might
44. Hurry up!  _____________________ the bus!
A get out of
B get off
C get on
D get into
45. I haven`t seen him ____________ last summer.

A during
B for
C since
D through